Lucian has been making art since his tiny stupid baby hands could hold a pencil. At this juncture in his life, he drew primarily crocodiles and wolves. One could argue that this is still the case.

Nowadays, his artistic practice explores themes of alternative spirituality, psychogeography, and sacred gender non-compliance through a wide variety of methods selected in accordance with divine guidance. These range from fine art and traditional crafts to chaos magic, performance and daily embodiment. He never wears the exact same outfit twice (and hasn’t since he was 16) because every outfit is a conversation between Lucian and himself, the environment in which he finds himself, and the divine.

Lucian has published three things: an illustrated edition of the Ars Goetia (2014); an illustrated edition of Oscar Wilde’s one-act play, Salome (2015); and an exploratory journal of spirits and figures from an inner world, An Ode to Divine and Dirt (2018). He also created the Threshold Tarot (2020), a new personal interpretation of the tarot following Crowley’s method in the Book of Thoth, which explores the energetic cycle of the major arcana through figures introduced in An Ode to Divine and Dirt. The Threshold Tarot will be expanded to a full deck in the near future.

Next events:

Queer Utopias
18th May 2024
Wysing Arts Centre, Bourn

Thought Bubble Comic Festival
16th – 17th November 2024
Harrogate Convention Centre, Harrogate