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Lucian M. Stephenson

Artist, jester, wizard.


Lucian, known wizard-artist and notorious japesmith, lives, works, and causes scenes in Cambridge, UK.

His artistic output is not confined to drawing and painting – although work of this nature makes up the bulk of his printed work – and includes a wide variety of media and traditional crafts. His work explores themes of alternative spirituality, magical landscapes and psychogeography, gender non-compliance, and chaos. He has published three books: an illustrated edition of the Ars Goetia; an illustrated edition of Oscar Wilde’s one-act play, Salome; and an exploratory journal of spirits and figures from an inner world, An Ode to Divine and Dirt. Lucian is also the creator of the Threshold Tarot, a new interpretation of the tarot following Crowley’s method in the Book of Thoth, which explores the energetic cycle of the major arcana through figures introduced in An Ode to Divine and Dirt. He intends on expanding the Threshold Tarot to a full deck this year.

He is not currently available for artwork commissions, but can nevertheless be contacted for any other purpose you may have for someone chronically incapable of not incorporating bells into daily outfits at lupie . stardust @ gmail . com

You can support Lucian directly in return for process insights, magical journaling, craftsmanship instructionals, a print-on-demand service and more on Patreon

Next shows:
18th May
Portland Arms, Cambridge

(and you can always follow Lucian on TWITCH!)

Recent publications:
Ars Goetia, 2014; Salome, 2015; An Ode to Divine and Dirt, 2018; The Threshold Tarot, 2020

Forthcoming publication:
The Threshold Tarot second edition, 2023