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Lucian Stephenson

Artist, illustrator, wizard.


Lucian Stephenson is a traditional media artist living in Cambridge, UK. 

His favourite media are alcohol markers and pigment ink on recycled brown paper for a touch of dirt under his trademark clean lines.  His primary focus is on homebrew occultism, monstrous esoterica and indefinable graphic missives from private worlds.  He has published three books, an illustrated edition of the Ars Goetia, an illustrated edition of Oscar Wilde’s play, Salome, and most recently a queer bestiary of spirits and figures from another world, An Ode to Divine and Dirt.  Lucian also designs, creates and sells unique gender-neutral leatherwork as VAPVLA, which can be found above.

He is not currently available to commission, but can nevertheless be contacted at lupie . stardust @ gmail . com

Next shows:
MCM Comic-Con, London, 24th – 26th May TABLE CV 138
Recent publications:
Ars Goetia, 2014; Salome, 2015; An Ode to Divine and Dirt, 2018
Forthcoming publication:
wait and see!